BMW S1000RR Lever brake,Part Nr.2012 2009-2016



* adjustable levers are C.N.C. machined from solid billet aluminium ergal * in the most stressed places there are pressed waterproof  ball bearings  * special richness in lightening guarantees the minimum weight by maximum of strength and much better air circulation to reach the top speed * unbreakable pivot design  *   all bolts, nuts, pivots and springs are made of solid stainless steel material  * adjustable mechanism allows smooth adjustment of the lever in positions form 0,5mm after the 0 point to the maximum of 8cm  *  this unique range of adjustment doesn’t offer any other producer on the world market  * Available in five coloured variation (black, silver, gold, blue and red) * We pride ourselves on being the only company in the world that will replace a broken part, after a crash, even when it is your fault! * This guarantee is  even  valid  by braking  PP products by crash. We are not asking how you broke it  or where you broke it  –  you broke it, we  are going to replace it for free. * UNBREAKABLE GUARANTEE *  

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