The successor of the much loved GP-5K model comes with Snell and FIA 8858-2010 approvals. Using the same shell shape as the GP-6 and GP-6RC, the GP-6S offers an affordable price level while still maintaining a host of features and innovations. The GP-6S utilizes the same shield as the GP-6 as well as the same larger eye port size for increased peripheral vision. The GP-6S utilizes a single intake and single exhaust, the forward vent has been enlarged to improve air intake and improve overall ventilation performance.The CLC outer shell uses much of the GP-6 RC technology and styling. Improved ventilation thanks to larger duct ventilation holes. Fire resistant lining made of three materials: Carbon Nit ®, Nomex® and Conex® fabrics. Yellow Kevlar® chin straps. Comes with FHR M6 studs.

Available sizes: XS – XL

- Large 10mm intake and exhaust holes for increased airflow (front vents are closeable)

- New shield pivot hardware with redesigned track slider for improved aerodynamics
- Wider eye port for increased peripheral vision
- New positive shield locking mechanism provides solid shield latching while allowing normal operation
- FHR M6 studs
- Arai 6 Series 3mm thick visor (not interchangeable with GP-5)
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